Posted 8 June 2014
Brateyevo District Initiative

Brateyevo District Initiative


Reykjavik Argentina Travellator from Outer Space
Asocial adaptation Zen and The art of wearing face
Several unknown artists Three and a half minutes of solitude on the avenue of Marshal Zhukov
Sir Francis Drake und seine Kompasse Das Blut auf schwarzen Halstuch
Depressive Zone The way out there


TV not working Another underground station
Man in my Room Man in my Mirror
Trichoplax adhaerens Songs nocturnal birds in a residential area
This flowers at the grave of Alfred Schnittke Prova D’Orchestra
Matisse Party Transpersonal autism


Door after door Train to Antarctica
Vernoslov If I do not
ZDStrateg My childhood fun
Dzhalil 5a Chess Symphony #3
Winter Elephant Philanthropy

XY Bonus

Labyrinthectomia Sometimes my death speaks to me on a radio broadcast
!@#$% Dance of small snails


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